My Story

graduation 2012

I graduated from Independence High School in 2012.


I listen to tons of podcasts. But, this is my favorite one. It is called The Lowe Post. It is hosted by Zach Lowe. He writes for ESPN. He is also one of my favorite sports writers. Also, one of the main reasons I want to get into sports.

Here is an article by Zach Lowe.


mapa of ohio

For the first 13 years of my life I lived in Parma. Then I moved to Brooklyn for about 9 months. Next i moved to Pickerington for a year. Then I moved back to Brooklyn for 3 months. After that i moved to Independence for about 7 years. Now i live in Parma Heights for the past 7 months.


I have been a Browns fan my whole life. I love the Browns. Even though they have been bad for most of my life. I have also been a Browns season ticket holder for the past two seasons and will continue to be a season ticket holder for the rest of my life.



My Story